Hydra Spyder

A high speed & high performance amphibious sports vehicle

The Hydra Spyder is built for speed! This gorgeous vehicle will seat 4 people with speeds of 46 knots in the water. In road tests, we have run the Hydra Spyder at speeds of over 125 mph. The standard production model weights approximately 3,300 lbs and is powered by a Corvette LS2 6.0 liter V-8 engine rated at 400 h.p., 6000 rpm, and 400 ft. lbs of torque at 4000rpm. The model also includes a 5-speed manual high performance close ratio transmission and front wheel drive with 3.73 - 1 axle ratio.

The lower hull of the vehicle is constructed using a 5052 alloy aluminum and the upper body is constructed using light weight fiberglass. This lightens the body to allow for increased speed and performance on the water and on the road.

Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC


  • Tachometer
  • Speedometer: for both land and water
  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Temperature
  • Voltage Meter
  • Gasoline Fume Detector
  • Bilge Ventilation Blower
  • Compass
  • Clock
  • AM-FM Stereo
Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC

More information can be found in CAMI's Catalog

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