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An Amphibious Commercial Tour Bus that is a proven performer with operations in 16 countries

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Hydra Gator

Our newest amphibious vehicle! A golf cart styled 4x4 utility vehicle perfect for off-road cruising, playing on the golf course, and more

Amphibious Responder

A first responding search and rescue vehicle designed for local, national, and global response to emergency situations worldwide

Hydra Spyder

The Hydra Spyder provides sports car performance on land and explosive power on the water


The H2OEX is an all terrain, 4 wheel drive, rugged beast both in and out of the water


The Hydra-Terra is a proven performer with successful operations around the world

Landing Craft

Shore to Shore Transporter of Equipment and Machinery Boat Only.


Creating unique and specialized amphibious vehicles is our trademark.


Three-wheel reverse trike capable of getting 90 miles per gallon. Road only.

Terra Wind

Luxurious Amphibious Motorcoach that is as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land.


Underwater with the Marineland Hydra-Terra in the Cayman Islands

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Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC


Hydra-Terra Hydra Terra

Hydra-Terra Marineland Hydra Terra- Cayman

A State-of-the-Art Amphibious Tour Bus

The Hydra-Terra has been a proven performer with successful operations in 16 countries around the world including: Bermuda, Dubai, England, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Alaska, Boston, California, Florida, Hawaii, New York, and Rhode Island. Ingeniously unparalleled, the Hydra-Terra is the only Coast Guard approved "T" Vessel with our revoluntionary positive buoyancy foam-filled conpartments.

Our design is fully patented and UNSINKABLE; even with the drain plugs removed and the full engine room flooded!


Standard options include: Upgradable options include:
  • Driver Side Air Bag
  • Roll Down Curtains
  • Laminated Safety Plate Windshield
  • Bathroom
  • Safety Glass Roll Down Windows
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Padded Dash
  • Floatation Tires
  • Full Instrumentation
  • Spare Tire
  • Fire Alarm
  • Engine Upgrades
  • Bilge Alarm
  • Jet Marine Drive & Seperate Diesel Engine
  • Enclosed Vehicle for Heating and Air Conditioning

  • The V shaped hull is designed to cut through the water and the center steering location allows for incredible visibility for the captain. All the Hydra-Terra's controls are conveniently located in the captain's cockpit.

    Hydra-TerraTaiwan Hydra Terra

    Easy maintenance, low-back, padded vinyl seats are standard in the Hydra-Terra. Upgrades are available which can include coach quality seating with reclining backs, mesh map pockets, and snack trays.

    Hydra-Terra Marineland Hydra Terra- Cayman

    Standard Measurements
    (Upgrades Available)
    Length 30' & 40'
    Width 102" or 2.5 Meters
    Height 11' 6"
    Interior Height 6'6"
    Weight 17,000 lbs
    Work Deck Space 250 sq. feet
    Capacity 30 to 49 Passengers (plus 2 crew members)