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Three wheel reverse trike that runs on biodiesel fuels;

capable of getting 90 mpg. Road only.

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Hydra Gator

Our newest amphibious vehicle! A golf cart styled 4x4 utility vehicle perfect for off-road cruising, playing on the golf course, and more

Amphibious Responder

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The Hydra Spyder provides sports car performance on land and explosive power on the water


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The Hydra-Terra is a proven performer with successful operations around the world

Landing Craft

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Creating unique and specialized amphibious vehicles is our trademark.


Three-wheel reverse trike capable of getting 90 miles per gallon. Road only.

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Underwater with the Marineland Hydra-Terra in the Cayman Islands

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Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC


The Biotrike is an aerodynamic, environmentally friendly vehicle created to maximize fuel efficiency with clean fuels and is meant to accommodate a variety of needs.


The Biotrike is a plug in hybrid PHEV and truly awesome three (3) wheeled reverse trike designed to run on biodiesel fuels. A reverse trike is defined as (2) two wheels in the front and (1) one wheel in the rear. It will get tremendous fuel mileage. The Biotrike also has a steel tubular roll cage to assure its’ passengers safety.


The engine is mounted in the rear of  the Biotrike for stability, noise abatement, traction and economy.  The Biotrike uses automotive tires and wheels not motorcycle tires. Automotive tires have a higher contact area with the  road surface providing better traction,  safety, and control. The body panels are individually replaceable and can be mounted to the vehicle in a matter of minutes.

 The Biotrike is an  all weather vehicle. It has a canopy that encloses the vehicle. Therefore it has climate controlled heat and A/C. The Biotrike also has an enclosed trunk mounted above the rear engine.

BioTrike BioTrike

Dimensions: The B3X2 prototype, 2 seater version, is 14’4” to the rear of the Biotrike. The exhaust sticks out just slightly at the rear of the vehicle; so overall to the exhaust pipe it is 14’7”. The height of the prototype is 4’4”. The width on the front, from outside tire to tire, is 5’3” and the width, at the widest part in the rear, is 3’. The wheel base, center to center, is 128”


During its television debut, Anchors Christopher Cuomo and Sam Champion from “Good Morning America” drove the Biotrike through the streets of Manhattan. They even went to a “McDonalds” drive-through window and picked up breakfast.